04 JULY 2001 

Firework Burst LeftFirework Burst Right

What a hot muggy day out in Fountain Hills this fourth of July. The club was positioned at the top rim of the lake near all the food and beverages. A very nice turnout for this event, organized by Don Petrone. At the top end of unusual and over the top displays would be Steve Goebel with his fantastic 1945 GMC Dukw. Which was somehow allowed to motor around the lake and shore periodically. In addition to this, he also had his heavy WC-63 tandem wheeled weapon carrier with troop seating and full canvas. Also very popular and always crowded with kids and dads was Carl Ferrell's British FV701 Armored Ferret. This thing gets more rigging every time it comes out. A big round of applause to Carl for driving this tank in city traffic all the way from Glendale on the west side. Can you imagine stopping at a light and having it pull up behind you? THIS JUST IN! The count is final, People's Choice of best MV at Fountain Hills Park was Carl's Ferret with 47 votes. Congrats Carl!

 Steve's DUKW at shore edge

Steve's DUKW on the shore

Steve's DUKW in the lake

Carl's Ferret WINNER People's Choice

Carl's Ferret WINNER People's Choice

M38A1 and MB Jeeps Steve's WC-63 seats 10 men

 John's M37

Matt's M715 right front view

Matt's M715 pulling M101A1 trailer

New club VP Matt Walker and Barri both drove in vehicles, but somehow avoided close up face shots of themselves (will have to work on that). Their sharp looking 1967 M715 was pulling a M101A1 trailer and a1960 M151 Mutt where nicely displayed. Recently purchased military radios and aerials were installed in solid military rack mounts. The paint and canvas appeared to be very new. President Paul Bible had his massive off road RV, a M109A3 Command Post deuce and a half with turbo charged multi-fuel diesel engine. John Smith displayed his steady M37 while begging for donations with a galvanized pail hung from the pintel hook. I know I personally chipped in 15 cents, so I know he's ahead that much. Always the extrovert John Hanigsberg brought out his immaculate and spotless M38A1 Jeep to remind us how a paint job should look. Which stood side by side with elder Frank Ellis's 1943 MB Jeep in just as fine condition. Then, Gary Leonard drove it here, but apparently his son Adison brought out a field worthy brute, a doorless 1986 HMMWV which he purchased with lawn mowing and baby-sitting savings.  Levi Lundell gave us a nice hearing test with his propane powered, blank firing, water cooled 30 cal belt fed on his nice 1943 MB Jeep restoration job.

Steve Goebel John Smith John Hanigsberg Don Petrone with welding glasses
Frank Ellis Levi Lundell Loyd Love Adison Leonard
Levi Lundell firing blanks Leonard's HMMWV front
Paul's 109A3 Command Post Paul driving home